Imaging Systems

iON Imaging System

Slit lamp imaging is redefined with the iON imaging system by combining a new intra-optics beamsplitter/camera adapter with the tremendous computing and imaging power of Apple® technology.


  • Ease of Use – Easily capture high resolution video or still images. Update software via the App Store. Simply start the App and you’re ready to capture.
  • Optimized Performance – All controls at your fingertips in “heads-up” display. Unique “intra-optics” beam-splitter/adapter/mount. Harnesses the power of Apple® with its exclusive HDR, “Focus Pixel” technology.
  • Seamlessly Networked – Wirelessly display your images on your exam room monitors. Archive, view, and share images immediately in the Cloud.

Technical Specification

  • Capture Modes – Still Image or HD Video
  • Camera Resolution – 1920 x 1080 pixels at 401ppi
  • Video Resolution – 1080p HD video recording (30fps or 60 fps)Contrast Ratio – 1300/1
  • Image Capture Via Bluetooth activated footswitch
  • Dimensions 18cm x 6.5cm x 17cm
  • Weight1.4kg

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